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Maserati MC20 “Sovrana” by DMC

Maserati MC20 Carbon Fiber Aero Kit Side Banner

Watch the 4K video here (Behind the scenes)│ Watch the 4K Press Photos here 


  • Carbon Fiber on Cherry Red Finish 
  • All aerodynamic body parts in OEM Exceeding Prepeg Carbon
  • Full leather interior matching Cherry Red
  • Power increase to 715 PS and 646 Nm

DMC has long been known as the specialist for refining luxury automobiles. The Maserati brand was first touched when DMC launched the Gran Turismo “Sovrano” in 2011. Now the stylish and sporty conversion of the Maserati MC20 is once again proof of the fact that DMC has excellent know-how when it comes to customising Italian premium sports cars.

In the first instance, the eye is drawn to the striking DMC bodywork modifications: a newly designed front fender with discreet GT3 Vents gives the front a significantly more sporty appearance, and the carbon fibre radiator grille highlights the famous Maserati trident in the centre of the grille. Additional air inlets and outlets enable the new light-construction bonnet to optimally regulate the temperature in the engine compartment.

Most significant however is the DMC Rear Wing, a Carbon Fiber Spoiler specially developed for the MC20. Its legs are custom CNC’ed from a block of forged aluminum and showcase half of the Maserati Trident.

The MC20 also seems much closer to the tarmac thanks to the drawn-down deep door-sills. The carbon fibre spoiler lip at the back, the carbon inlay for the integrated exhaust pipes in the rear apron and a diffuser complete the sporty look. All add-on parts are made from carbon fibre and are manufactured by DMC using autoclave prepreg processing.

To ensure extra focus to the sporty add-on parts, DMC uses progressive sport suspension in the front and rear axles, which lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity by around 30 millimetres. Contact to the tarmac is maintained by 255/30 R 20 front tyres and 305/30 R 21 tyres at the back.

DMC is the first manufacturer worldwide to market forged wheels exclusively for Maserati MC20 models and they are made by PUR Wheels in Canada. On request of the customer, these wheels are sprayed in the colour of the vehicle and decorated with black accents.

The Maserati MC20 and Cielo also gain power under the bonnet, thanks to DMC. A performance-optimised ECU, an air filter with increased air throughput and a sports exhaust system with two double-suction tail pipes enhance the performance of the V6 aggregates by 94 HP (series: 621 HP / DMC 715 HP). At the same time, the torque is increased by around 108 Nm compared to the series models (series 538 Nm  / DMC 646 Nm).

The interior features DMC’s own brand of upholstery. The finest materials have been processed in traditional top-quality craftsmanship to add that individual touch to the inside of the DMC MC20.

The leather used by DMC for the interior is hard-wearing yet exceptionally soft. The chequered stitch in the ornamental seams on the inside makes for elegance as well as sportiness. Wherever you look: expert handcraft, individual design and top quality. The aluminium pedals and new ergonomically designed sporty steering wheel are additional visual highlights.


DMC LUXURY is a group of companies, proudly celebrating their German Heritage:

DMC Exotic Car Tuning Limited designs and manufactures exclusive automobiles that redefines luxury tuning for owners of Lamborghini, Ferrari and other supercar automobiles.

Petrol blood in it’s second generation, DMC’s CEO learned from his father about cars. He taught his son what he acquired in a lifetime lesson, starting 1956 at age 14. That’s 64 years of German automobile heritage.

DMC now offers individualization options for your car’s interior and exterior designs that are TUV certified and regularly exposed at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

The company was founded in Germany 2009 and quickly expanded to Hong Kong and the Middle East, where it developed its major hot-spots. Over the years, DMC became the de-facto reference for Lamborghini refinement. Our works on the Diablo, Murcielago and Gallardo paved the way for its initial history. But the company earned over-night fame when it launched the Aventador “Molto Veloce” in 2012.


ZESAD GmbH was created in 2013, as part of the group’s industrial expansion . The company supplies Car Makers,  Car Designers and Car Tuners with custom parts:

Made of CNC Milled Billet Aluminium, Carbon Fiber and ABS Prototypes, ZESAD assists its clients to make their dreams come true. The company guides each client, on every possible level: Industrial design, 3D Scanning and Prototyping are as much our business as the final production phase.


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