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DMC Rolls Royce Cullinan “Emperor” Wide Body

DMC Rolls Royce Cullinan Wide Body "Emperor"



  • Carbon Fiber on Cherry Red Finish 
  • All aerodynamic body parts in OEM Exceeding Prepeg Carbon
  • Full leather interior matching Cherry Red
  • Power increase to 615 PS and 955 Nm 

DMC Germany is proud to present a breath-taking conversion of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan called “Emperor”.
Once again, the German specialist for individualised luxury cars combines the finest materials of vehicle construction with superior engine performance, self-confident looks and opulent refinements in the noble interior, thus interpreting the royal and magnificent style of the Rolls-Royce brand philosophy in a stylish and unique way.

In order to meet the high standards of visual appearance and aerodynamics, DMC’s designers subtly reshaped the Rolls-Royce-SUV. The front was kept mostly original with only a new carbon fibre lightweight bonnet, giving the Cullinan a much more dynamic face. On the sides we can find wider wheel arches that add to the original body work, making the British Car 4 cm wider on each side. In addition, the side skirts have been redesigned so that on the one hand they calm the airflow on the flanks and on the other hand they make the Cullinan appear both lower and more elongated. To reduce lift forces at the rear axle, DMC’s engineers developed an elegant spoiler lip on the original tailgate and adapted it visually to the likewise redesigned rear apron. The selective use of carbon fiber components on the entire vehicle body all around further underlines the modern and superior look of the stately Cullinan. In combination with the elegant cherry red exterior and contrasting Carbon Fiber parts, the Rolls Royce becomes a harmonious whole that is unparalleled with the original Cullinan.

To match the powerful yet luxurious appearance of the Rolls-Royce, the German tuner uses multispoke wheels in 24-inch size, specially designed for DMC and made by PUR Wheels in Canada. Thanks to special aluminium alloys this particularly light forged wheel is not only approved for higher speeds but also for high loads. DMC recommends high-performance tyres in the dimension 295/30R24 on both, the front and rear axles.
With a powerful increase in performance, the automobile couturier also intervenes in the heart of the vehicle.

The scope of this engine upgrade includes a new engine management system and a sports exhaust. This results in new, very impressive performance data for the Cullinan’s V12-cylinder engine of 615 hp (standard: 571 hp) as well as an increased torque of 955 Nm (standard: 850 Nm). This speeds the race from 0 to 100 km/h to only 4.9 seconds. The top speed of the DMC Emperor has been increased to 282 km/h.

Only the finest materials are used in the completely new leather-covered interior: high-gloss polished lacquer surfaces in the cockpit shine in an elegant way and complement the full leather interior, which is stitched in wavy lines and completely in the Cherry Red color. Precisely worked embroidery of the DMC lettering in the seats and floor mats set additional accents.

As with all DMC complete conversions, all components on and in the vehicle are thus stylishly combined to form a perfect symbiosis of luxurious flair and maximum lifestyle demands of its discerning clientele from all over the world.


DMC LUXURY is a group of companies, proudly celebrating their German Heritage:

DMC Exotic Car Tuning Limited designs and manufactures exclusive automobiles that redefines luxury tuning for owners of Lamborghini, Ferrari and other supercar automobiles.

Petrol blood in it’s second generation, DMC’s CEO learned from his father about cars. He taught his son what he acquired in a lifetime lesson, starting 1956 at age 14. That’s 64 years of German automobile heritage.

DMC now offers individualization options for your car’s interior and exterior designs that are TUV certified and regularly exposed at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

The company was founded in Germany 2009 and quickly expanded to Hong Kong and the Middle East, where it developed its major hot-spots. Over the years, DMC became the de-facto reference for Lamborghini refinement. Our works on the Diablo, Murcielago and Gallardo paved the way for its initial history. But the company earned over-night fame when it launched the Aventador “Molto Veloce” in 2012.


ZESAD GmbH was created in 2013, as part of the group’s industrial expansion . The company supplies Car Makers,  Car Designers and Car Tuners with custom parts:

Made of CNC Milled Billet Aluminium, Carbon Fiber and ABS Prototypes, ZESAD assists its clients to make their dreams come true. The company guides each client, on every possible level: Industrial design, 3D Scanning and Prototyping are as much our business as the final production phase.


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