DMC is a German designer of exclusive automobiles that redefines luxury tuning for owners of Lamborghini, Ferrari and other supercar automobiles. It offers individualization options for your car’s interior and exterior designs that are TUV certified and regularly exposed at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

How can I contact DMC?

What’s DMC’s Vision?

Where did DMC come from?

How strong is the DMC Brand?

What’s the DMC Life?

DMC contact


  • German Only: +49 151 22111 212
  • English & Chinese: +852 6211 0550
  • English & Thai: +66 958722954

Social Media:

Instagram: @DmcLuxury – WeChat: DMC_Germany – LINE:

By Appointment Only:

Germany: Huelsenbergweg 103, 40884 Ratingen

Hong Kong: 452 Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong Industrial Building, Sai Wan

Thailand: Showroom: Lang Suan Road, Car Hotel: La Salle Alley, Bangna Bangkok

DMC vision

DMC is a noble legacy, defined by tradition and passion. The company’s extraordinary vision is to make good things better.

DMC History

The company was founded in Germany 2009 and quickly expanded to Hong Kong and the Middle East, where it developed its major hot-spots. Over the years, DMC became the de-facto reference for Lamborghini refinement. Their works on the Diablo, Murcielago and Gallardo paved the way for its initial history. But the company earned over-night fame when it launched the Aventador “Molto Veloce” in 2012, also called the “MV”. It had been installed on an estimated 5% of LP700s, with the majority found in Asia and Dubai.

DMC Brand

It was six year after being founded in 2009 (see above), when DMC was accepted as exhibitor of the renowned Geneva Motor Show. That was in 2015, after being on a waiting list of nearly 5 years. It was time well spent though, because joining the Swiss Auto Salon means being part of the global elite of automobile brands. There, DMC is located next to iconic companies that make hyper cars, reflecting on DMC’s strategy to be a luxury brand rather than a tuner or part maker. Today, supercar owners in every part to the earth relate to luxury refinement when they hear the familiar DMC name.

DMC Life

DMC is more than carbon fiber, it’s a mission to become part of our engineering. Buying into DMC also means buying into our dreams, our brand, and joining the exclusive DMC family. It’s starts with modifying your car, which connects to new friends that have the same passion. That circle also enjoys food and drink, while traveling the globe. DMC doesn’t change your car, DMC changes your life.

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