DMC RS Porsche 993 4.0 Carbon Fiber

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German tuner DMC is widely known for its carbon fiber magic on various supercars. For a few weeks now, they had been hinting at a project for the classic Porsche 993, which has been widely viewed as the zenith of the 911 range. What started as a project idea, has become a passionate dream, as we see the engineers post new photos every week on their newly dedicated IG account… Read More »DMC RS Porsche 993 4.0 Carbon Fiber

DMC Porsche 992 Programme

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DON’T WANT TO READ? WATCH THE VIDEO NOW! The year 2020 just started with a bang. And with a new age, we also remember the years that passed. Retro has never been as strong as today, and German tuner DMC embraces traditional design for quite a while now. We had seen it on their famous Lamborghini Aventador Wing that reminded us of the SV, and during the Geneva Car show… Read More »DMC Porsche 992 Programme

Here comes a Bad Santa (Merry Xmas from DMC)

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DMC is teaming up with Bad Santa to deliver this year’s christmas gifts and greetings. Apparently the cooler version of Santa Claus is riding a DMC Ferrari F12, and we kind of understand the choice – it’s fast and powerful. The DMC F12 was built by GT Auto in Spain, and Alex Stroker is the artist behind the photos. The combination of all these created indeed the sickest X-Mas Ride… Read More »Here comes a Bad Santa (Merry Xmas from DMC)

Forged Carbon Fiber Bucket Race Seat by DMC

“Many car enthusiasts are familiar with DMC, whether by seeing one of their modified Lamborghinis on the street, or in the Geneva Motor Show” says Thorsten Grebers, Marketing Manager of the DMC Luxury Group. “However, classic Porsches are not commonly associated with the German Tuner. It may come as a surprise that they are actually working on an ultra-light weight, full carbon fiber Porsche 993. And one particular item of… Read More »Forged Carbon Fiber Bucket Race Seat by DMC

AMG G63 W464 Carbon Fiber Exterior Package

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The 2019 Mercedes AMG G63, also called W464 aka W463A, is even more stunning than its predecessors. And such Mercedes G Class is in need for Carbon Fiber parts. DMC Germany have now launched an accessory kit for the 2019+ AMG G Wagon that consists of these items: Side Mirror Caps x 2 Door Handle Covers x 5 Side Trim Covers x 10 Rear Vent Covers x 2 Front Light… Read More »AMG G63 W464 Carbon Fiber Exterior Package

Carbon Fiber LED Roof for Mercedes AMG W464 G63

We are glad to announce that we launched the Carbon Fiber LED Roof Bar for the latest G Class (2019+ models). You may have seem the product on our previous G-Class (CLICK HERE) called ZEUS, and it was the most requested item when the new W463A aka W464 model of the AMG G63 launched. The item is made from Carbon Fiber and easily installs on your G Wagons Roof. It… Read More »Carbon Fiber LED Roof for Mercedes AMG W464 G63

Wide Body Lamborghini Urus by DMC

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DMC has been tuning Lamborghinis for 7 years, and made itself a name for creating kits that are aggressive, yet stay in line with the original design. In short, the designers from Germany strive to come up with a revised product that looks like something the original factory could have , or maybe should have made. Today, we are especially excited to introduce you to the DMC-X URUS STAGE 1… Read More »Wide Body Lamborghini Urus by DMC

DMC Limited Edition Huracan Omaggio LP1080

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While many of the more renowned tuners have tried entering the Lamborghini market, Luxury refiner DMC is developing their Lamborghini kits faster than ever these days. One of the kits that showcased the German Tuners dedication to the italian brand is their Omaggio kit, which was just spotted in Beirut Lebanon. Developed together with Saudi Company KIT & KIT, the Huracan we see here is a monster. Only ten (10!) of… Read More »DMC Limited Edition Huracan Omaggio LP1080

DMC Limited Edition McLaren 720s with 1000 hp

DMC  has released a new picture of their upcoming Limited Edition McLaren 720s. Dubbed as “Rhein”, the car will be massively upgraded. Upon other features, it stands out with its 1000 hp performance kit and a brand new body package. It will be available to 10 applicants world wide only, with prices starting at 19990 USD for the bumper kit, or 89990 USD for the full package. The latter one… Read More »DMC Limited Edition McLaren 720s with 1000 hp

DMC McLaren 720s Carbon Fiber Front Lip

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We have extended our McLaren 720s programme and are excited to share some photos with you. The DMC front programmes is divided into 3 parts, allowing for a very compact storage, reasonable shipping price, and easy installation. In fact, all parts fit into a single box that can ship to most destinations world wide for as low as USD 100! The parts add onto your original bumper, meaning no drilling… Read More »DMC McLaren 720s Carbon Fiber Front Lip