Porsche Taycan Forged Carbon Fiber Rear Wing Duck Spoiler Deck Lid


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The Porsche Taycan elegant Duck Wing Spoiler for the Porsche Taycan by DMC RS made from Forged Carbon Fiber. It replaces the original spoiler on your car, so no drilling or glue is needed – it installs on the exact same base wing, uses the same screws, it uses the same connection points and the car can be reverted to original look at any time.

The DMC carbon rear spoiler is made up of lightweight and strong carbon fibre via vacuum infusion. The spoiler once made is then finished off in a high gloss lacquer, after which the carbon is hand polished and sealed in with a very high carnauba content wax, to give both depth and protection.

You have the option to order the duck wing alone, or with an additional cover that sits undernearth, which adds an illuminated Porsche Logo.

You can also use this spoiler as a base for our bigger wing.

Additional information

Porsche Taycan Duck Wing Spoiler

CFK Carbon (No surface pattern), CFK with PORSCHE cover, Visible Carbon (Standard Carbon with lines, not as light as Pre-Peg), Visible with PORSCHE cover, Pre-Peg Carbon (Extra Light, Line structure, quality same as OEM), Pre-Peg with PORSCHE cover, Forged Carbon (Extra Light, Marble structure, quality same as OEM), Forged with PORSCHE cover


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