Porsche 964 Electric Motor Conversion Kit for your Classic 911 – Includes Engine, Controller, Pedals & Custom Speedometer



DMC Electric passionately redefine the most iconic cars and make them relevant to the world today. Each car’s past is preserved by a meticulous, concours-standard restoration whilst simultaneously receiving a zero-emissions, full-electric powertrain that offers much improved levels of outright performance, refinement and of course sustainability.

Would you love to convert your Porsche 964 to an electric vehicle? You come to the right place.

We believe that the unique spirit of an iconic classic car is a commodity worth preserving. For this very reason, all our workmanship is entirely reversable. During our 56 years of heritage, a common design principle was to design parts that can be reverted to OEM original state. We continue this idea with out electric cars and conversion kit. This way, should you or a future buyer prefer to bring the car back to it’s gasoline DNA, it’s absolutely possible.

During the car’s journey, from painstaking but sympathetic restoration of its past, through to its re-engineered, electric propulsion future, we strive to capture not only the handling balance and pure performance but also the true spirit of the original car. Where appropriate, components are sympathetically upgraded or re-engineered to further future proof a car’s existence.

Each DMC electric car is a bespoke creation for its owner to enjoy into the future. It will always have the soul of its original manufacturer, refreshed with DMC’s craftsmanship. DMC is truly making good things better, not creating a new breed of its own. Our subtle branding takes nothing from the original beauty of these iconic vehicles, with each masterpiece expertly restored using sustainable, modern materials and high-quality finishing techniques. Dials and console components are based on original styling and compassionately designed to be in keeping with the original interior décor.

DMC electric cars are equipped with brand-new, custom designed battery packs complete with advanced battery management, cutting-edge temperature control, and the latest regenerative braking technology.

Power units are OEM-grade electric motors and, where appropriate, a custom single speed gearbox is installed, developed by our engineering team. Performance is vastly improved.

So it’s up to you, if you would like to convert your existic car, or one that you have been eyeing at, or get a full car from DMC. Your choice is the right one, for an electric future.

What’s included in our Kit?

  1. Electric Motor
  2. Electric Controller
  3. Electric Throttle Pedal
  4. Electric Car Speedometer

Batteries and further options are available seperately.

Additional information

Porsche 964 Electric Conversion Kit

Stage 1: Motor, Controller, Pedal & Speedometer, Stage 2: Motor, Controller, Pedal & Porsche 964 original design Speedometer


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