Mercedes Benz AMG W464 W463a RHD 4×4² Lift Kit Bolt On Portal for G-Class, G500 & G63




Available for LHD and RHD, convert your G Class 2019+ to 4×4²

The rear axle is a rigid axle with portals, meaning that the axle tube and the differential are above the center of the wheel.

The front portal boxes are designed in such a way that they perfectly match the independent suspension of the front axle and the increased driving comfort.

The portal reduction transmits the power to the wheels. Portals provide unique ground clearance. The portal ratio reduces the load on the entire drive train, since the complete torque only comes on the wheel itself. With our solution, the suitability for everyday use remains and the ABS system also works as usual. “Bolt On Portals” are portals that are attached to existing axles. They are designed so that the direction of rotation of the axes is maintained. This is achieved by using 4 gears in the portal.

Another advantage of the 4 gears is that the load is distributed to the tooth flanks of several gears, which means that a greater force can be transmitted and the temperature development is significantly lower. A translation of our bolt-on portals “from 1.16-1 is equivalent to a reduction in the load on the axles. The overall axle ratio also changes by a factor of 1.16. This makes it possible to drive large wheels without The portals give the vehicle a “lift” of approximately 4 inches (10cm).

To drive larger wheels, no further changes need to be made to the entire chassis. The entire axle and steering geometry is retained The only additional lift that actually gives you real ground clearance is the additional ground clearance under the differential is 10 cm through the portals plus the additional ground clearance through the use of larger wheels that are 25 cm larger than those that you drive without portal axles. It shouldn’t be considered that 25 cm larger wheels would mean certain death for most axles not to mention the costly changes that are necessary to mount such large wheels. The portal kit contains the following parts: 4 portal boxes with gear pre-installed.

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Mercedes G63 RHD Bolt On Portal



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