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Forged Carbon Fiber Bucket Race Seat by DMC

Alcantara Pads on the Forged Carbon Fiber Bucket Seat

“Many car enthusiasts are familiar with DMC, whether by seeing one of their modified Lamborghinis on the street, or in the Geneva Motor Show” says Thorsten Grebers, Marketing Manager of the DMC Luxury Group. “However, classic Porsches are not commonly associated with the German Tuner. It may come as a surprise that they are actually working on an ultra-light weight, full carbon fiber Porsche 993. And one particular item of this on-going project has been so popular on their Social Media that it now becomes available as a stand-alone project. Introducing the new DMC Bucket Seats for all car brands, from Porsche, to BMW, AMG and others.

Stitched Leather Pads on the Forged Carbon Fiber Bucket Seat

The Germany company’s history dates back to 1956, when the CEO’s father started tuning VW Beetles in after-war Germany. For 60 years he worked on cars but primarily for others, until his son decided to formally open a company. As an homage to his fathers work and with passion to modify supercars, DMC was registered officially in 2009.

Ostrich Leather Pads on the Forged Carbon Fiber Bucket Seat

The company began tuning Lamborghini’s, and quickly became a reference in the world of bull lovers. In 2014, their work was first shown on the TopMarques Expo in Monaco and was quickly followed by a participation in Geneva 2015++, the world’s biggest and most renowned Motor Show.

Gold Croco Pads on the Forged Carbon Fiber Bucket Seat

In 2018, the company opened an Asian office in Bangkok Thailand, where it’s love for the German brand Porsche started. And ever since, the dream to built a classic, ultra-light weight Porsche 993 was on the engineers’ minds. Besides changing the whole body to Carbon Fiber, one step was be to develop a lighter interior. This meant making an ultra light-weight seat, that’s still comfortable.

Ostrich Pads on the Forged Carbon Fiber Bucket Seat

Once the first teaser of the race seat was shown, the product quickly went viral. DMC decided to make it available, not only for the classic Porsche but for other brands as well. From BMW, AMG to other brands. Safety, ergonomics, quality and design remained the core of this project. The DMC vision, “Making good things better”, stems from the company’s and aerodynamics philosophy, and now extends to its new ergonomic seating division.

Gold Croco Pads on the Forged Carbon Fiber Bucket Seat

Together with renowned scientists and physicians, DMC Seating designers and engineers create seats that offer comfort and support for race enthusiasts, just as their Aerodynamic kits have been  for a decade. To illustrate the company’s commitment to delivering comfort with speed, their new seat will also offer LOMBARD support, designed by a German Physio-Therapist. The Carbon Shell is TUV Certified and the cushion pads can be ordered in an array of materials. From Alcantara, Ostrich, Crocodile or Stitched Diamond Leather, there’s no Limit when it comes to the wishes of the exclusive clientel.

Full Carbon Fiber Body Porsche DMC RS 993

DMC is building a Limited Number of Porsche 993. We will soon send you a separate release, with more details about the classic car that is based on an original re-conditioned 993 chassis, with light-weight carbon exterior and re-worked technical components. The car will be a wide body, based on the popular GT2 EVO III design once the first stage is done. In the meantime we welcome you to share above photos on the seat or watch the Teaser Video about this project on YouTube: CLICK HERE .


DMC’s mission is Making Good Things Better. While the company’s German heritage sparked the initial success, it soon developed its major hotspot in Hong Kong and the Middle East. Recently DMC was accepted as exhibitor of the prestigious Geneva Auto Salon, joining the top-elite of brands in the world.

The team has strong passion for designing and manufacturing products that enhance super-cars. Their work is often cited to be a piece of art, defined by the love of materials like carbon fiber and special leathers. Globally they are based in Germany, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.

Recent mile stones, besides joining Geneva exhibition, also include German TUV certification, and CFD & Windtunnel compatibility on its aerodynamic products.

Asia and Middle East are the main markets for DMC. We welcome you to visit to learn more about our packages for Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Bentley, Porsche, Roll Royce and more.

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