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ILYX Exhaust Italy


DMC is prod to announce that it became the Asia agent for Italian made exhaust company ILYX. The product has a beautiful origin, it’s made in the wonderful city of Maranello in Italy.

It has a brutal sound (see the link for videos below), but also comes with a special factor: The exhaust can be ordered with a layer of steel that looks like carbon fiber. But in contrast to real carbon, which changes colour in strong heat, the steel maintains its integrity.

ILYX is very strong in Ferrari: It has stainless steel exhausts for new models (488 GT) and also for old applications (Testarossa, etc.). The company also covers Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche and other super cars.



About ILYX:

The ILYX business mission is enclosed in 4 words: reliability, sound, performance, emotions:

Every day Ilyx department designs, improves and innovates products which are then destined to competent and demanding customers. For this reason, each component is first designed, developped on paper, and then tested on track before being placed on the market. This guarantee to the customers those emotions that arise from the “sound” that any Ilyx equipped vehicle transmits.
Ilyx employs specialized personnel and collaborators. As a tailoring of the highest level, Ilyx sews to every car the product that best suits the customer, both in sound and finishes.

You just have to choose …. and this differs Ilyx from the “standard” rivarly.



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