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Wide Body Lamborghini Urus by DMC

DMC has been tuning Lamborghinis for 7 years, and made itself a name for creating kits that are aggressive, yet stay in line with the original design. In short, the designers from Germany strive to come up with a revised product that looks like something the original factory could have , or maybe should have made. Today, we are especially excited to introduce you to the DMC-X URUS STAGE 1 (WIDE BODY)

The regular Urus already is a car that takes attention. With its massive dimensions, Lamborghini re-entered the SUV market with a monster of a car. Let’s take a close look at what DMC did to improve on it, without giving the impression that the car had been tempered with, shall we?

Let’s start with the the scary part, because it’s the one you can’t see. DMC had been able to push the Urus’ performance to 800 HP. Compared with the standard 640 hp, the additional power comes with more torque from the standard  850 Newton-meters to 914 Nm. The top speed has been upgraded by  three-tenths of a second from the sprint to 100 Km/H, which now takes only 3.3 seconds.

The car’s body has been extended by 120 mm, and before you ask, that’s 60 mm each side. We wouldn’t dare to imagine what 240 mm would have looked like. It’s a splendid point to underline our introduction, DMC tries to keep the look at a factory OEM style, and the 60×2 mm really look integrated. It’s more than a design philosophy, it’s DMC’s culture to build cars that don’t look “tuned”. Hence the vision to be “Making Good Things Better”.

The Body Extension focused on each wheel arch, and attaches to the original connection points. Each arch is divided into 3-4 sub-panels, each following the Urus’ original body split lines, eg. for the door. Each panel consists of AirCell, a new product that is made in Sweden. AirCell is a material that is amazingly strong but consists of nearly 95% air. It’s is already used in Airplane Applications and it’s advantages can now be enjoyed by DMC Customers. They can choose to get it primered, ready for paint, or enclosed in Forged Carbon Fiber. It’s operating temperature accepts an unbelievanle -200° C to +70° C, making it suitable for the 

On the front customer can choose a carbon fiber front hood that has been re-engineered with two vents. These not only look aggressive, but also support a better cooling. Shown in our photos above is the painted version, but it’s going to look extremely good in exposed forged carbon fiber. When compared with the factory hood, there’s one more advantage, and that’s weight. DMC was able to shed off a significant amount , making the car lighter and hence improving the monster’s performance.

To complete the package, the german engineers have created an extremely elegant trunk spoiler. The wing attaches under the read window and improves the windflow as well as downforce. It can be ordered in the car’s original body colour or in forged carbon, which we think will look really stunning in combination with the other items.

For the wheels, the luxury tuner suggests 22” or 24” sizes. If required the rims can even be painted individually. The 24-inch options are ultra-light, forged wheels that comes in 10×24 inch and 12.5×24 inch to the front and rear respectively. They would be fitted with massive tires in 295/30R24 and 355/25R24 size.

At last, DMC have developed a unique performance exhaust system for the extraordinary Lamborghini Urus. Improving throttle response and reducing weight, the system has been crafted to compliment the Urus’ versatile strengths. At low revs, the sound is civilised and contained, but, keeping in line with its supercar roots, at high revs the volume of a true supercar is unleashed.   

Package prices start at 9990 USD for the Wide Body Kit and can total 59990 USD if you take the complete above package including wheels, carbon fiber refinement, exhaust and ECU Tune. Interior is not included, but the options here are limit-less, and same goes for the price. If you love a carbon leather steering wheel or a croco- / python-leather cabin, DMC will listen and take notes. We can’t wait what these options will look like, but one thing is for sure, they are going to be epic.

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DMC’s mission is Making Good Things Better. While the company’s German heritage sparked the initial success, it soon developed its major hotspot in Hong Kong and the Middle East. Recently DMC was accepted as exhibitor of the prestigious Geneva Auto Salon, joining the top-elite of brands in the world.

The team has strong passion for designing and manufacturing products that enhance super-cars. Their work is often cited to be a piece of art, defined by the love of materials like carbon fiber and special leathers. Globally they are based in Germany, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.

Recent mile stones, besides joining Geneva exhibition, also include German TUV certification, and CFD & Windtunnel compatibility on its aerodynamic products.

Asia and Middle East are the main markets for DMC. We welcome you to visit to learn more about our packages for Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Bentley, Porsche, Roll Royce and more.

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