Lamborghini Aventador Carbon Fiber Front Bumper & Splitter: Countach 2021 LPI-800 Style Facelift Conversion Kit



The Countach has been in DMC’s heart since the company’s foundation in 2009. We have made our own Countach, based on the 2016 Huracan, and called it Omaggio (Hommage). We run on Countach DNA, we love Lamborghini. When St.Agata said they they would launch a 2021 Countach, based in the Aventador, our hearts were beating faster. But we think we can make it even better, and available for every Aventador, S, SV and SVJ owner. May we introduce our product concent of a DMC COuntach Kit, made from carbon fiber, starting with the front bumper and fenders. Are we qualified to do so? DMC products are not only certified by TUV, a German government approved authority for car safety standards. Plus, we have a team and experience that has been working on Lamborghinis ever since the original Countach.

The Aventador is a superb looking car, but the Countach is a different breed. We aim to change that with our new range of Countach Converson Kit products for Aventador. The DMC Countach Original is a green-card for our engineers to develop the best product, without considering barriers like market price. Our front bumper & front diffuser add a great deal of aggression to the rear end with this multi-piece kit giving that extra road presence it may be lacking.

The parts are made up lightweight and strong carbon fibre produced via vacuum infusion giving both great strength and superior finish. Once the parts have been produced and pulled from the mould, they are checked and tested rigidly before heading to lacquer. Each part is inspected further and checked for tolerances before being hand and machine polished, followed by being waxed and sealed in with high content Carnauba products.

The DMC front fascia is a direct replacement, a OEM rear bumper removal is necessary. Although fitting is quite straight forward we do always recommend using a trained professional to undertake the installation. Also ask about our front fenders, lights and other products.

1 x Countach 2021 carbon fibre front fascia (Front Bumper, Diffuser & Several Design Elements)

Various fixings


Lamborghini Aventador LP700, LP720, LP740, LP750


This is a concept study. Please contact us about the latest design and develeopment status.

Additional information

Countach 2021 Front Bumper for Aventador

Pre-Peg Carbon (Extra Light, Line structure, quality same as OEM)


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