Porsche 992 GT3 RS Wing Spoiler Carbon Fiber




The iconic GT3 RS wing for the Porsche 992 by DMC RS made from Carbon Fiber.

The rear spoiler is designed to provide the additional downforce that a tuned car requires. It also looks amazing on the standard Porsche 992. The elevated rear spoiler has a raised center section for additional downforce while it has multiple adjustments to change the height and angle of attack for street or track driving modes.

It also comes with the rear decklid, it’s duck wing design also increases air flow to increase atmospheric power.

Installation couldn’t be easier, it installs on the standard Porsche 992 Rear Wing Spoiler.

Included in the base package: DMC GT3 RS Wing, Wing Stands and Duck Wing Base.

Additional information

Porsche 992 GT3 RS Wing

CFK Carbon (No surface pattern), Visible Carbon (Standard Carbon with lines, not as light as Pre-Peg), Pre-Peg Carbon (Extra Light, Line structure, quality same as OEM), Forged Carbon (Extra Light, Marble structure, quality same as OEM)


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