DMC Stingboard


The DMC Stingboard is an amazing electric Skateboard.

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DMC has launched an electric Skateboard for everyone. After the success of our high-end StingBoard PRO, we now bring a regular board to you.

Battery: VERY GOOD

We have tested the board in extreme conditions, and were able to drive to train station, kept driving at a car exhibition we visited until it closed, and back home from the train station.


We have tested a lot of different components, and decided that the DMC board we came up with is a very good piece of equipment. It’s fast enough to bring you from A to B, most of you will even slow down from its peak speed ability in order to feel safer.

If you are a PRO user, we however recommend you to buy our Stingboard PRO, with amazing battery levels and crazy speeds. But if you are looking for a light (!) board to carry around, with very good specs, this one is for you!


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