CMC Packages

Unlike any other vehicle storage company in Thailand, at CMC you will find a dedicated engineering facility, embedded in an environment of lifestyle.



Dedicated space for 1 vehicle
1.5 m space at each side
Specific parking spot
Fully Air Condition Environment
Air Circulation
Dehumidify System
Temperature Control
Private area indoor
Open area indoor
Car washes per month21
Weekly starts
Performance Maintenance
Whats that?
Weekly Report with photo
Monthly Report with photo
Dedicated Power Supply
Ctek Battery charger
Indoor car cover fine fabric upgrade
Plastic Car Cover
Steering & Seat & Interior cover
One free downtown pick up & delivery included, more upon booking
Downtown pick up upon booking
24 hours emergency assistant
Full access facility living & lounge area
Vehicle inspection 20 points before drive out
CMC professional car consultant service
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Phone: +66 (0)94 323 7777 (Khun Tae)

Phone: +66 (0)64351 8786 (Khun Greg)

When you enter CMC, you will emerge into a facility that is not only storing cars, but so much more. You have got the option to have us perform each and every routine maintenance, and even complex mechanical and electrical repairs.

Thanks to DMC Germany, we know how important proper maintenance is for complicated machines. Under their careful, expert guidance and training, any car can be taken care of at CMC. It starts with simple fluid checks but doesn’t stop there. Diverse repairs of a car’s engine, chassis and gear box can be done right here. We have got an automated system that will alert us of pending maintenance or scheduled servicing, and we inform you about it. You can then choose to have us do the work, right here at CMC without the hassle of moving your vehicle.

Our engineering facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulic vehicle lifts that accommodate even the lowest super cars. Our work is our passion, and we believe that your vehicle deserves simply the best quality, no matter how old or valuable it may be.

Should you decide to have your car get outside maintenance or servicing, at CMC that isn’t a problem. We are able to do a countrywide door-to-door collection and delivery service that fits around your daily schedule.

Complex engineering procedures and motor tuning are part of our DNA. If you want to bring your car to the next level, you found the right place to enhance its capabilities: for greater performance, or to be prepared for punishing track days or competition work, CMC is your premier choice to achieve it.



At CMC we can furnish you with an exceptional range of tyres that meet virtually any requirement. No matter how and where you plan to use your car, desert, mountains, road or track, we will fit them, balance your rims and align them as well.


To match your tyres, CMC is able to source any available wheel brand from anywhere in the world. Choosing the right wheels plays an important role in the design of your car. It can modernise a classic, or simply upgrade the  appearance by choosing a different style, size or colour wheel. The sky is the limit when it comes to wheel options, and they really can make a big difference on the look of your vehicle. Our consultants will be glad to give you suggestions, or simple assist you in getting the wheels that you have spotted already.



When it comes to bringing your car out, regularly or potentially after a longer time in storage, our full detailing programme ensures to make it look like new again.


Then, once the car is brought back to glory, the next step is to preserve this brilliant look. Applying the latest technology in paint protection can prevent damage from ultra violet rays, airborne sand and even dust.


Changing the colour of your car, reversible at any time, can be achieved by wrapping it  with a film that’s applied on the vehicle body’s surface. Besides adding a new look, colour and style, it also serves as a basic protection. It can be taken off if you ever feel ready to do so.



One of the most prominent ways to restore your cars life is to renew its interior. At CMC we have the capable partners to literally take out each and every part of your vehicle’s interior and add or replace it with a new layer or leather. Imagine your dashboard to be coated in the finest alcantara, remove the stains on your steering wheel by having the leather redone, and have the complete seats, doors and ceiling restored with a new layer of italian fine leather. This truly adds a new dimension to your vehicle, one that you can see, touch and smell when its finished – in short you will feel like a new car again.


Our last point in the list of services, may yet be the strongest edge that makes CMC stand out. Besides the technical list of services, we offer you a human connection. As our client you have the chance to meet other people with the same passion for cars that you have. Meet them in our beautifully designed facility that is more than just a garage. We have amazing car parts and relics from automobile history, integrated into our interior. You will have a joy finding more and more details, what about Ferrari F40 engines and front hoods, beautifully put in place to decorate the CMC premises? The perfect location to meet other CMC clients, and experience one of our many activities. We organise gatherings, BBQ’s, and many other events that make CMC a true unique lifestyle hot-spot in Bangkok Thailand!