About DMC

DMC is a German designer of exclusive automobiles that redefines luxury tuning for owners of Lamborghini, Ferrari and other supercar automobiles. It offers individualization options for your car’s interior and exterior designs that are TUV certified and regularly exposed at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

WhatsAPP: +49 151 22111212 (German) / +852 62110550 (English) / +66 64351 8786 (English)

WeChat: DMC_Germany

Line: www.DMC.ag

Instagram: DmcLuxury

By Appointment only:

GERMANY: Huelsenbergweg 103, 40885 Ratingen

HONG KONG: 452 Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong Industrial Building, Western District

THAILAND: Bangkok: Lang Suan Road (Showroom) & LaSalle District, Bangna (Car Hotel)

Who is DMC?

Maintaining line of readily available, bespoke products for your car is the company’s key to success. Our items are usually in stock or can be made within 2-3 weeks. Depending on your individual wishes, services can even be tailor made and hand-crafted for you in Germany. After DMC treated your Lamborghinis or Ferrari, it will be more prestigious, far beyond what the beautiful original was.

DMC’s German founders always had a passion for luxury cars and their special flair. They spent many years in the industry and feel a personal responsibility towards automobile values such as tradition, craftsmanship and well-engineered technology.

It is these values that defined the name “Made in Germany” all over the world as a sign of products of the highest quality.

DMC uses these values to constantly improve its knowledge about noble automobiles and to design a German Manufaktur of highest standards. Using highly intelligent engineering and finest materials shows DMC leading quality.

The base of our technological expertise combines aerodynamical carbon fiber body kits that stand out with their dynamic design yet keep original values.

Unique and stylish interior equipments, made from carbon fiber and fine leathers, render great looks by delivering choices of style, speed, out of the ordinary and noblesse. DMC’s interior designs enjoy a renowned name around the world:
Enjoy exclusive materials from various types of leathers in your individual colour, stitched ornaments in great master’s quality define your personal character. Carbon Fiber may be DMC’s favorite material, finding its way into many of the company’s noble creations: Dash boards, middle consoles and all kind of trims won’t disappoint lovers of this material.

In order to realize your individual design, may it be leathers like ostrich and sting ray or carbon fiber, we most welcome you to talk to us. Our team would be honored to discuss and consult with you. Nothing is impossible, the company fulfills nearly every automobile dream of its exclusive clientele, in Germany and by selected foreign distributors all over the world!

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